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Prekese Aidan Fruit (5 Pods)
Agege bread
Agege bread In stock
African Kitchen Wooden SpoonsAfrican Kitchen Wooden Spoons
From $13.50
African Kitchen Wooden Spoons In stock
Dry Uziza 1ozDry Uziza 1oz
Dry Uziza 1oz In stock
Oporo/Dried Wild Caught Shrimps 2ozOporo/Dried Wild Caught Shrimps 2oz
Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea 5ozOrganic Hibiscus Flower Tea 5oz
Organic Ogbono seeds 8oz
Organic Ogbono seeds 8oz In stock
Dried Ugba 3oz
Dried Ugba 3oz In stock
Uziza seed/African black pepper 3oz
Ukwa /Breadfruit seeds 9oz
Cut Stock Fish. Okooroko. (Price per piece)
Blended Crayfish/Dried Crayfish 10ozBlended Crayfish/Dried Crayfish 10oz
10 sachets of Onga Jollof seasoning
2 packs of Knorr Nigerian Cubes (50 Cubes) 400g
De Rica Tomato paste 400g
Golden Morn Cereal 900g
Golden Morn Cereal 900g In stock
Goya coconut milk (Unsweetened)
Kilishi 3oz
Kilishi 3oz In stock
Smoke dried Asa fish/Azu AsaSmoke dried Asa fish/Azu Asa
Natural Sun-Dried Fish
Natural Sun-Dried Fish In stock
YORUBA KOLA NUTRITION 4-lobe African kola nuts 1/2 lb
Banga stick-2 sticks
Banga stick-2 sticks In stock

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