Shea butter has been used in Africa for years. It is a great natural product to improve skin and hair. Many people buy the already made in stores, but you can easily make shea butter at home. Well, you still need to buy the raw material from a store. Do you want to know how? Learn some top easy recipes and learn how to make shea butter! 

There are two major ways of making shea butter

You can make a cream by heating shea butter until it melts then adding the oils, or you can do it following a no-heat method, which is much better for saving the natural benefits of shea butter. Now, let's consider both ways.

No-heat method

For no-heat method you'll need:

1/2 cup of unrefined shea butter;

2 tbs base oil; for example argan oil;

10-20 drops essential oil (optional), for example, lavender oil;

Electric mixer;

Clean container or a jar, a fork, and measuring cups and spoons. Follow these steps.

1 Mash your shea butter with a fork until it becomes soft.

2 Add the base oil, and mash it a little bit more. This will make consistency more fluid.

3 Then, mix it with the electric mixer for about 10 minutes, it will make the mixture fluffy just like whipped cream.

4 If you want to add an essential oil, pour it during mixing, and mix it to the whipped cream.

5 The more you mix, the fluffier it will be. 

6 Fill a clean jar or a container with butter and put in a refrigerator, it will help to save your cream for a long time.


Boiling method

The second method includes boiling. Things you'll need:

Large saucepan;

Electric mixer;

Heat-proof glass bowl and large mixing bowl;

3/4 cup shea butter;

1/2 cup of base oil (sweet almond, grapeseed, for example);

6 to 10 drops essential oils;

1 tsp. cornstarch (optional); Ice.

Follow the next steps to prepare shea butter with this method:

1 Fill the pan with water and bring it to boil over low heat.

2 Add shea butter into the smaller glass bowl and place it in boiling water.

3 Heat it until the butter melts and becomes liquid.

4 Mix the base oils with the melted shea butter while continuing to heat the mixture over low heat for 10 minutes.

5 Fill a large bowl with ice cubes.

6 Remove the first bowl from the hot water and let it cool slightly before putting it in a bowl of ice.

7 Then, stir in essential oils and cornstarch if you need to.

8 Place a bowl with the mixture in the ice and whip the shea butter and oil mixture on high speed with an electric mixer from 15 to 30 minutes.

9 Stop beating butter when it reaches the consistency of whipped cream.

10 Place it in clean jars. Keep the whipped cream in the fridge so that you can enjoy it for three months. 




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