I am extremely grateful for those who choose to support ShopAfrica, whether it's by following us on Instagram or Facebook, shopping with us, or referring us to friends and family. Thank you.  In this week's blog, I will be sharing 10 reasons why you should shop with us and the impact of your support. 

1) We Bring Africa Closer To You:

ShopAfrica sells and makes difficult to purchase African product easy to purchase and deliver them at your door step. Also, ShopAfrica is 100% reliable and trust worthy to bring you the best and desired African Products. 

2) You Won't Break The Bank

We keep our products affordable, so if you have a tight budget or want to purchase one of everything, we can accommodate you!. Have you seen our groceries collection yet? I bet you haven't. We have just about everything Africa. ranging from African spices to smokes and dried fish and what have you.  

3) You Can Shop In The Comfort Of Your living Room 

The beauty of ShopAfrica is that we bring the store to you. wherever you are and whenever you want them. Why not give us a try today. 

4) Payment and Security

Your payment information is processed securely. ShopAfrica does not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. So, yes! your credit information are super safe. 

5) We Are A One Stop Shop

Shop your African groceries and fashion wears all at one place. Plus, we carry accessories - bracelets, shoes and bags, health and beauty products, African Arts and paintings, fabrics and kids clothing.  And don't forget, all this products are made by Africans while ShopAfrica brings them closer to you. 

6)  You Are Getting Some Of The Cutest And  Fashion Forward Products

Every item we carry is carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards as well as your standards. If they are not original, cute, comfy, and practical, they just won't do. So, every item you see on our store, the way you see them is exactly how you will get them. 

7) Clear Policies:

We have a clear policies that mitigate any future conflicts especially in terms of timing on returning goods and payment methods. Click here for our clear and returning policies. 

8) Ease of Use:

Our store is user friendly and desired goods are very easy to find as ShopAfrica is easily accessible to search engines. Don't know the exact name of your desired products? Just search for them using some key words and leave the rest for our store to do the findings. 

9) You Are Supporting Our local Economy

Supporting our local economy allows for job growth, development, and innovation. Think about this - when you pay sales tax on our items, the money goes back to the community, repairing our roads, supporting our schools, police, and other services. 

10) You Are Supporting A Black Owned Business

You are not paying a CEO's wage; you are helping us pay our bills, buy food, and enable us to give back to the poor through our foundation. Also,  The accessories we sell come from small and black owned businesses, so when you purchase them from us, you are helping those businesses grow as well. 


Sam Obinna 

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