Being comfortable never goes out of style, whether you’re headed to work, hangout with friends, a special event/occasion or a nightclub, stylish footwear will elevate your look and add a unique touch to every outfit. When it comes to picking shoes that are worthy of a purchase, we look for a few key elements: good design, quality materials and the perfect fit.

Own a pair of statement heels for summer, there’s a myriad of styles to choose from.  It's no secret that we test out hundreds of shoes so that we can provide you with the best recommendations. Therefore, we enlisted our editors to choose the designs they are longing for. Whether you want something cheeky and playful or sleek and modern, we have uncovered the best of the best. Love some casual? We got you. Prefer something sportier and performance based? We found those too.

No one can have enough shoes, so what are you waiting for? Let the world be your runway with these top picks from SHOPAFRICAUSA. Your closet is about to get a whole lot fuller.


Block heels don’t just look super stylish, but a solid heel also tends to distribute your body’s weight differently, compared to thinner heels. Thus, they take a little pressure off the front of your foot, which results in a more comfortable stand.

This stunning pair of heels are perfectly designed for steady steps, as it features a fashion element and ideally balances the heel height with the rest of the sleek shoe. They are the perfect pair to add a few inches to your frame, elongate your legs and rock every dress, pant, denim, or maxi dress with ease!



Shoes are not only carriers of a woman’s fashion taste, but also declaration of her attitude towards life. These multi-colored heels are a staple to any woman’s wardrobe and this pair can be worn over and over for many occasions. These sexy slip-on platform heels are chic and smooth, with multi-colored fashion element. Made from a Pu lining material and designed with thin straight straps that dance over your feet, these are the heels to grab for a night out with friends with the confidence that you will go home without any of the typical high heel pain. Click and shop it now on




Let your feet do the talking with these heels. Whether they’re gold, silver or crystal, you can’t go wrong with a statement shoe. It doesn’t have to be over the top – a plain design with a decorative embellishment is all you need to make a statement. If you’re ready to go all out, pick a designer shoe or choose something with a detail wrapped around the back of the heel.

This stunning pair of heels are perfectly designed for steady steps, as it features a squared heel that ideally balances the heel height with the rest of the sleek shoe. This thin heel Pump gives you a perfect boost in height for elegance with every step. It has an extremely breathable and lightweight feeling which gives a comfortable feel to the feet. High heel Pumps are a surefire way to top off any outfit for a day to night look. This sleep-on heel gives your feet a better wrap and a more comfortable experience. A stable heel can better disperse your body pressure.



Pumps are another classic, and every girl should own at least one pair. You’ll see how a timeless set of black, nude or even an African print pumps will quickly become your go-to all rounder. They are perfect for your weekly nine-to-five but can also be effortlessly combined with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress for social engagements. This heels is very fashionable, comfortable and very African. Try adding Class to your outfit with this African Print heels.




White is one of the hottest shoe colors of the season, so showcase them by wearing pop or pastel shades to make them stand out. Add a trendy touch to your outfit with these cute lace shoes with a classic twist of simplicity and elegance. This footwear looks excellent for any special occasion that calls for dressy upscale shoes like weddings or other events. They’re an essential footwear for every woman’s wardrobe. Colorfully made in different handmade designs, comes with an ankle strap closure and gives that perfection to your feet.




African Prints are never going to go out of style and a greater way to incorporate them into your wardrobe is to use African prints. Here is a beautiful African Print fit to size shoe, made of high-quality suede, with anti-slip, anti-static and mute effect, which can better show your graceful dance on the stage and designed to make you comfortable. A classic open toe sandal heels to give your feet a better wrap and a more comfortable and dancing experience. A stable heel can better disperse your body pressure, so you can dance for a long time without feeling tired.



Written By: Ebube Iyiegbu

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