African food has been growing more popular in the United States and we are excited to share how diverse and nuanced African cuisine is, especially to all the soup lovers out there! Various African countries and regions within a country specialize in different food, often using common main ingredients with varying flavors, created with local spices and agriculture. Varieties of dishes prepared in different parts of the globe can be traced back to Africa. 

African cooking starts as a vegan base, packed with varieties of vegetables, and then the meat is added. Hence, vegetables are widely eaten and consumed through soups or stews. Africans also tend to consume more beans through a plethora of dishes such as moi moi, rice and beans, akara, and varieties of bean porridge. These dishes consist of soups packed with fresh vegetables that are good for you.


Prior to the 60s African cuisines were flavored naturally, however in the 60s stock cubes were introduced into the market, not only in Africa but in Asia as well for the cost-effectiveness, ease, and quick preparation of meals. Natural flavors such as iru (similar to the Chinese douchi or tochi), ogiri, stockfish, crayfish, and more were used to flavor dishes prepared before, though still used in preparation. However, stock cubes are more widely used now. 

Stews are paired with starchy food such as varieties of fufu made from various tubers or grains milled into flour or served whole. A stew can make or break a dish, which is why ample time is taken to build the flavor of these stews since many starch pairings in a dish can be bland, as they tend to take on the flavor of the stews paired with it. Because of this, we took much care to build a great base for the varieties of soups and sauces we carry, think of the sofrito base in Latin cooking, for our African cooking. Examples of deeply flavored sauces that will skyrocket the flavor of any dishes that are paired together include Ata Din Din, Ofada and Agoyin from Nigeria or Shito from Ghana.

There are authentic West African influenced soups and sauces for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. These soups are ready to eat, with fresh ingredients that are gluten-free and soy-free. You can savor your soup chilled to get a refreshing meal or heat it up for a toasty meal in. Either way, your stomach will thank you for filling it up with hearty and tasty goodness!

Experience West African food in a snap!


CC: Egunsi Foods

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