Extracting Palm Oil From Palm Kernel At Home

Palm oil is obtained from the flesh of the fruit and Palm Kernel Oil  is produced by extracting the oil from the internal seed. Every oil palm tree requires approximately 3m diameter clear around the base of each tree to allow full growth. Palm oil is an important and versatile vegetable oil which is used as a raw material for both food and non-food industries. 


  1. Water


1) Wash the palm fruits. It is important that you wash the palm fruits to remove dirt particles that may be clinging to it from harvesting and picking it from the bunch. boil the palm fruits. Boil for 1 hour, add a little amount of water into the pot, after putting the palm fruits. Make sure the water is not more than the palm fruits. When seeds are beginning to crack open, know that the palm fruits are getting soft.


2) Mashing the boiled palm nuts. You can use mortar and pestle or you can use your hands to mash it in a bowl. This should be done immediately after boiling. Separate the juice from the chaff and the nuts. Sieve until there is no element of chaff left in the juice. When you have finished sieving the juice, cook it until you see the palm oil floating on the surface. Boil again until oil start coming out

boiled palm fruits in a mortar





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