Online shopping and E-commerce have come to stay. Today you have no excuse for not having your products on an online platform. Regardless, many truly do not have the time or resources to manage both an online store and their overall business. Shop Africa has the scheme to relieve such individuals of this burden.

With our platform, you can reach the African Market in the United State. We will help you upload and manage your products and orders. Also aiding you with your online marketing, getting both individual and bulk orders from buyers from the United State. Follow the steps below to register:

Step 1 - visit  

Step 2 - click on Become a Vendor to register

Step 3 - Fill in your details

  • Name and Last Names
  • Company Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Location
  • Emails
  • Message : Include your Social Media Page and any Information you wish to share

Step 4 - Apply.

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