African Christmas Drinks

It is the season for comforting, festive beverages! Across Africa, many tasty and unique drinks are enjoyed during the Christmas holidays. If you’re looking for a warming, non-alcoholic option or a spirited cocktail to liven your celebrations, Africa has a lot of inspiring options using local produce and ingredients.

This list highlights 10 different African Christmas drinks that will add an exotic flair to your Christmas table.

Zesty Zobo Drink

Also known as Sorrel Drink or Bissap, this West African favorite blends hibiscus flowers and fruit juices for a zingy Christmas punch. The ruby-red drink boasts a sharp, tart but lively flavor thanks to the hibiscus flowers blending with tropical fruit juices like pineapple, orange and lemon.

The sweet fruit balances brilliantly against the flowers’ acidic bite. As a non-alcoholic Christmas drink, Zobo drink keeps the cheer flowing with its intense crimson shade and sweet-and-sour taste. For added holiday pizazz, top with orange slices, mint leaves or pomegranate seeds.

Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

South African Rooibos Tea

Soothing rooibos tea South Africa’s beloved rooibos tea makes for a comforting, caffeine-free choice during the Christmas season. The rich, earthy red tea is made from the fermented leaves of the Aspalatus bush which only grows in South Africa’s Cederberg region.

Rooibos features sweet, nutty and slightly tart notes and is bursting with antioxidants. Enjoy it alone or spiced up with fresh ginger, cloves, orange peel or peppercorns for an extra festive cup. The smooth, mellow taste makes a perfect fireside drink for chilling winter nights.


African Christmas Drinks

Creamy South African Eggnog

Creamy South African Eggnog A Christmas classic with an African twist! This thick and creamy eggnog showcases South Africa’s famous Pinotage wine blended with brandy, the spice of nutmeg and eggs for a velvety texture.

The hybrid Pinotage grape lends dark, fruity notes and firm tannins to this concoction for added complexity. Topped with more nutmeg and crushed cinnamon, this eggnog is as comforting and delicious as any holiday could wish for. It’s a delightful treat with Christmas cookies or puddings too.

African Christmas Drinks

Palm Wine

Festive Palm wine The naturally fermented sap from various palm trees makes a refreshing and festive Christmas drink in many parts of tropical Africa. Palm wine has been produced for thousands of years, traditionally tapped from trees like the Raffia or Oil palm before fermenting into a low-alcohol, effervescent beverage.

With a cloudy white appearance and tart, vinous flavors, palm wine makes a bubbling party drink across West and Central Africa. Add slices of citrus or fresh pineapple to enhance the zesty, tart qualities. It’s light, fizzy and full of flavor for Christmas celebrations.

Weird African Food- Palm wine
Palm Wine

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