Fried Yam is so easy to prepare. It is a deep-fried yam that can be eaten with a wide range of Nigerian stews and sauces. It is fried in such a way that the outside of the yam is crunchy while the inside is moist.

Ingredients needed;

  • White puna yam
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil For Frying
  • Salt to taste

*Peel and cut the yam tuber into small cylindrical discs.

*Wash the yam chips and place in a bowl.

*Add a little salt and toss the contents to distribute the salt.

*If you are using a deep fryer, pour enough vegetable oil into the fryer as per the instructions manual and preheat the oil to 170°C. You can also use a pot to fry the yam chips. It is preferable to use a pot rather than a frying pan for this fried yam recipe because pots provide more depth for the frying process.

*When the oil is heated, add a few yam chips, leaving enough room for flipping the chips.

*Stir the chips from time to time till you can feel the crunchiness when the spoon makes contact with the yam pieces and also till it turn golden.

*Remove the chips and place in paper towels to absorb the oil; it can also be placed in a paper-lined sieve to drain the oil out.

*Fry the rest of the chips following steps 4 through 6.

Serve very hot.

Ways to serve Fried Yam

Fried Yam can be served with the following;

*Tomato Omelette

*Egg stew

*Beef & chicken stew

*Corned beef stew

*Chilled soft drink.


CREDIT: allnigerianrecipe.com


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