Catfish pepper soup is one of Nigerian’s most popular evening recipes. I have been putting this away for a very long time because of the complexity of the recipe. I was hoping to create a recipe that you could easily follow or replicate.

Catfish pepper soup (point and kill) is the most popular fish pepper soup in Nigeria. We also have Cow Tail Pepper Soup, Goat Meat Pepper Soup and several other recipes in Nigeria.


But Why Point And Kill

Well, catfish is the most popular fish in Nigeria partly because it can easily be domesticated and partly because it tastes nice in soups. In popular Nigerian bars, catfish are stocked in tanks or large bowls alive.

As a customer, you can choose the exact one you want, then they kill and prepare it for you.

So you point it out, they kill and make pepper soup out of it. Hence, point and kill. 

So here are the required ingredients,

Ingredients For Cat Fish Pepper Soup

I used just a medium-sized catfish, so this is the exact size of the ingredients that I used. You can choose to increase or decrease depending on the number of persons you are looking to feed and the number/size of the catfish you are preparing.

This would serve 3 Persons.

-1 medium-sized catfish – 1.2Kg

-Half cup of sliced onions.

-Scent leaves (a handful).

-Utazi leaves (very little).

-1 seasoning cube.

-Lion pepper soup spices.

-Teaspoon – (fish seasoning).

-Half cup of ground crayfish.

-1 teaspoon – Paprika powder

-Fresh pepper

-Salt to taste.



Tips And Tricks

It is better to use a smaller pot while making pepper soup so that all the ingredients would easily soak with the fish or meat, and it wouldn’t take lots of water to get the fish submerged.

Utazi is a slightly bitter leaf that is used for several foods in Nigeria. I use utazi for Nkwobi, pepper soup and African salad. 

I use paprika powder just because I want my pepper soup a little red, if you like it white, you can do without paprika powder.


Step 1

We start by washing the fishes thoroughly, most people fail to do this properly. Normally, the fish is cut in the market by the seller to serve-able sizes so just transfer into a bowl and soak with hot water at 80 – 90 degree Celsius, very boiled water will end up peeling the skin of the fish.

Wash to remove the slimy outer skin completely.

Step 2
Prepare all the necessary ingredients, I had to pound the fresh red pepper and half cup of crayfish together with a mortar and pestle. Also slice the utazi leaves, onions, scent leaves and set aside in bowls.

Step 3
Transfer the washed catfish into the cooking pot. As I advised above, it is better to use a small pot so the fish parts are very close to each other, this will allow the proper incorporation of the ingredients and help you make a very delicious point and kill pepper soup.

I think we are done with the hard part, fishes take about ten to fifteen minutes to cook, that is just the catfish. Electric fish and a few other fish found in Nigeria take just about five minutes to prepare.

Step 4
Once you have transferred into a pot, then start with salt, followed by seasoning cubes, fish seasoning, crayfish, pepper. etc.

Then add water, about 3 cups.

Make sure the ingredients are not suspended at the top.

Cook 7 minutes then add all the leaves, I also added some paprika powder because I love ‘dem for red catfish pepper soup.

There are basic ingredients for making catfish (point and kill) pepper soup, however, you are free to spice up with flavors and spices of choice.
In the end – this is what you get.



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